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Odaiba is equally fun as it is, well, kind of strange. The artificial island has gone from defensive fortress to seaport, to what is now a futuristic-looking entertainment/residential area. You see great entertainment right next to tacky bits like a mini Statue of Liberty. It’s also home to Tokyo’s only urban beach (don’t swim there after it’s been raining!). The island is linked to central Tokyo via the landmark Rainbow Bridge. The Yurikamome line starts in Shimbashi, gives you a great view of the Tokyo skyline from the bridge, then loops around Odaiba and terminates in Toyosu.

Where to eat and drink in Odaiba

The area is geared towards families, so you can bet that there are lots of well-priced options. If you’ve been missing a good ol’ fashion barbecue, Wild Magic (#5) lets you grill AND camp the night out, a perfect mini-family vacation right in Tokyo. And if you and your gang want to enjoy a Japan-themed restaurant in all its glory, Gonpachi, an inspiration for ‘Kill Bill’, has a branch in Odaiba as well.

What to do in Odaiba

The Short Answer: Our Top 5 Free and Cheap Things to Do in Odaiba article.

The Long(er) Answer: The Odaiba of recent decades was literally made for entertaining people.

There’s also Tokyo’s digital art gallery to see—teamLab Borderless.

If you want to de-stress by shopping instead, our favorite Shimamura has a branch here as well. The clothes are trendy but way more affordable than what you typically find at the big shopping spots in Shibuya, Shinjuku, etc. And don’t let the fun end when the sun goes down. We know how to do a date night out in Odaiba: read the article here.

Where to stay in Odaiba

Like we said before, the area’s more about entertainment and very family-oriented. Plus, it’s a bit distant from the rest of Tokyo’s sightseeing highlights. That’s why we think it’s better to stay elsewhere in the city. To see our picks, click here.

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